Accident Journey Cover

Great news for ALL ASMOF (NSW) MEMBERS!  You are now covered for trips between work and home.

ASMOF has now concluded negotiations that will provide to ALL financial members of ASMOF (see note i below) - free of charge - accident journey insurance for when you are travelling directly to and from your place of employment for the purposes of starting or ending your day’s work.  This had previously been covered by workers compensation legislation but was excluded - except for very limited and certain special circumstances - when the NSW Government undertook wholesale changes in 2012.  

Whilst the insurance negotiated by ASMOF does not replace in its entirety what was previously provided under workers compensation, it does provide members with:

- Death and Capital benefits up to $100,000 (see note ii below)

- Weekly accident benefit of 85% of gross weekly salary up to a maximum limit of $3,000 per week (see note iii below)

- The weekly benefit continues up to 104 weeks

- Only a seven (7) day waiting period (excess) for the weekly benefit

This is especially great news for those members who may be at the start of their career and have limited access to, or accruals of, sick leave or other entitlements to cover a protracted period off work due to an injury sustained going to or from work. 

Click on the below link to access and read about the policy, FAQs and how to make a claim (please note: members login is required)
Accident Journey Cover


i   Medical Officers for the purposes of this insurance cover is defined as being those who are commonly referred to as Interns, Residents, Registrars, Senior Registrars or alternatively as Doctors-in-Training or JMOs as well as Staff Specialist's, Career Medical Officer's and Clinical Academics. 

ii  Capital benefits cover are lump sum benefits for listed disablements resulting from an injury suffered from an accident.
iii  Gross weekly salary includes overtime payments and allowances that form part of your salary and will be included as part of the calculation of gross weekly salary.