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Senior Medical Officers


Application for membership to ASMOF (NSW) is now as simple as filling out the below form. This information will be used by the ASMOF (NSW) Council to determine eligibility for membership. Once you have filled out the membership application, you will be sent an email to request how you wish to pay your fees. Please return the appropriate document to us as soon as possible so we can complete your application before Council meets. Council meetings are held on the below dates for 2019/2020 and you can expect to hear from us the day following the meeting.

Council dates for 2020 are as follows:
18 February 17 March 21 April 19 May
16 June 21 July
18 August
15 September
20 October 17 November
15 December


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Disclaimer: The Council of ASMOF (NSW) reserves the right to decline assistance or provide assistance on a conditional or other basis. In particular, the Council may exercise its discretion in cases where a member requests assistance in relation to an issue which was known to the member prior to joining ASMOF (NSW). Disputes between members: - ASMOF will strongly recommend that disputes between members should be dealt with by way of mediation. ASMOF reserves the right not to act against other ASMOF members, especially in cases where no ASMOF advice has been sought prior to complaints being made against other salaried practitioners. ASMOF will not assist a member in dispute with another salaried medical practitioner where the member has been an ASMOF member for less than 12 months (except at the discretion of the Council). 

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