Last Drinks

In 2013, NSW was sledged with head-line after head-line, news broadcasting 'King-hits' and 'coward punch' attacks. The SMH was quoted as stating "One-punch assaults have cost 90 Australian lives since 2000, most in booze-fuelled bashings, a study has found".

St Vincent Hospital's emergency department director and long-standing ASMOF Member, Professor Gordian Fulde, had treated four or five ''absolutely obvious'' king-hits while working at St Vincent's hospital every Friday or Saturday night.

''There is no reason for it,'' he said. ''Usually the person is not expecting it.''

All too aware of the situation, Dr Tony Sara, ASMOF President, helped lead the push for what would be known as the 'Last Drinks' campaign along with several other unions who represented those who saw nightly, the front-line effects of alcohol fueled violence. The first responders.

In concert with PANSW, NSWNMA & HSUNSW, ASMOF was proud to continue to sponsor the push for earlier alcohol establishment closing times and the renewed responsible sale of alcohol.

A S M O F   M e d i a   T i m e l i n e

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