Since late 2012, if you are an Intern, Resident or Registrar you have been able to join ASMOF - the union for doctors run by doctors - as happens in every other state and territory.

By joining us, you will get the best protection possible, including free access to experienced industrial practitioners and solicitors who specialise and only work on doctor issues.  With membership you also get free accident journey insurance to and from work.  We are the only trade union in NSW just for doctors and run by doctors.  Let’s work together to increase union numbers and density and as a result your voice in the workplace. 

One important ingredient in reaching out and providing the best possible protection at the most economical cost to you is that ASMOF has in place a partnership with the AMA NSW to make available - at your discretion - the option to take up joint membership of both organisations.  This great deal allows you to join both at the same rate of just joining one - two for the price of one. 

We know the first few years are tough after years at University and HECS debts.  We also know the first few years can lead to problems in the workforce and your training journey.

Whether it is industrial advice and representation or the battle to ensure that enough training places exist or resolving issues with the award or dealing with medico-legal issues or safe working hours, ASMOF and AMA NSW joint members have this covered via this partnership, badged as The Alliance.

The AMA NSW provides administrative support for initial membership processing for The Alliance.  Click on the button below and you will be able to become a (joint) member of the AMA NSW and ASMOF NSW. 


The Alliance Fee scale for 2019:

   Postgraduate Year
 PGY1  $51
 PGY2  $56
 PGY3  $56
 PGY4  $63.75
 PGY5  $63.75
 PGY6 and subsequent trainee years 
Members in part-time positions
Maternity leave