1 Reserve Road – Office Accommodation


Late last year the Ministry of Health published the new WorkSpace Accommodation Policy Directive which requires consultation with Staff Specialists in respect to their office support needs.

ASMOF has received confirmation that several Staff Specialists will be moving to new offices at 1 Reserve Road, St Leonards. The organisations that these Staff Specialists work for include the ACI, CEC, HETI, CI, HealthShare NSW, and eHealth.

We would like to get direct member feedback regarding their experience of the consultation process and to remind Staff Specialists that they must be proactive in raising any concerns that they have about their future office accommodation. Members can do this by contacting ASMOF and discussing their concerns with management directly.

If you have any feedback regarding the move to 1 Reserve Road, please contact Industrial Officer, Catherine Ryan at catheriner@asmof.org.au or (02) 9212 6900.