2018-2019 Christmas Closedown


NSW Health has released IB2018_052 Additional Public Holiday during Christmas Closedown Period 2018-19 

The Christmas closedown period for 2018/2019 is Monday 24 December 2018 – Friday 4 January 2019 (inclusive).

During this period there are three Public Holidays on the following dates:

  • Christmas Day is Tuesday 25 December 2018
  • Boxing Day is Wednesday 26 December 2018
  • New Year’s Day is Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Additional Public Holiday will be on Monday, 31 December 2018, except for NSW Ambulance who will get the additional public holiday on Thursday 27 December.

NOTE: The Additional Public Holiday is an Award entitlement providing an additional paid public holiday for NSW Health staff.


What will happen for the other six days?

ASMOF members not involved in the delivery of necessary services will be encouraged to take leave over the closedown period. 

Your manager should talk with you about your options and will encourage you to take leave.

Managers will be encouraged to release staff wherever possible and appropriate.

Frontline services will not be shut down and this means that closedown arrangements will vary across health organisations.

Some health services will close completely, others may be run by a skeleton staff, while others will remain fully operational. Chief executives will decide the extent of the closedown case by case.

ASMOF encourages members to take your leave over the holiday period.

But, even if your workplace is closing over this period, this does not mean you can be directed to take annual leave to cover the close down period.

Some members may only be directed to take annual leave in very limited circumstances, whilst staff specialist cannot be directed to take annual leave.

You cannot be directed to take Long Service leave under any circumstances. Long Service Leave shall be taken at a time mutually arranged between you and the employer.

If you do not wish to take leave the Local Health District must find a reasonable alternative work arrangement for you.


What can the Union do for me if I have a problem?

If there is evidence that management has tried to direct you to take annul leave contrary to the provisions of the Award you should contact ASMOF.