2015 Doctors-in-training Awards



ASMOF NSW and AMA NSW as part of the Alliance hosted the Doctor In Training (DITs) Awards last night.

ASMOF NSW President Dr Anthony Sara firstly gave his personal thanks to Dr Cameron Korb Wells, a registrar at concord Hospital and now the Assist Secretary/Treasurer of ASMOF NSW,  Dr Alan Pham who this year was elected to be the chair of the Medical Officers State Group on ASMOF State Council, and all the other DIT State Group Committee for their continuing hard work and support in advocating on behalf of Junior Doctors. Dr Sara also made special mention of Dr Danielle McMullen as the previous Chair of the ASMOF NSW Medical Officers State Group.

Dr Sara was particularly pleased to announce that ASMOF were sponsoring two new awards this year.  JMO Manager of the Year Award and Teacher of the Year Award.

ASMOF believe it is important to highlight the excellence of the many senior and (Junior) doctors who support the profession by contributing their time, energy and skill to ensuring that the next generation enjoys the same world class level of teaching that they received.  "Teaching is what it is all about, and one of the things that makes us, as doctors, different", said Dr Sara, also acknowledging the value of the JMO Managers and recognition of their part in a JMOs journey as a Medical Officer.   Teacher of the Year Award was presented by ASMOF NSW President Dr Tony Sara.

The  JMO Manager Award was presented by Dr Cameron Korb-Wells who was delighted to be able to recognise the enormously important role that JMO Managers play in the life of the junior doctors in our hospitals.

(from left) Dr Tony Sara [ASMOF NSW President], Dr Danielle McMullen, Dr Saxon Smith [AMA NSW President]

Dr Mary Foley, Secretary for the Ministry of Health (MOH) presented both the JMO of the Year Award  and Registrar of the Year Award along with Jarrod Bramble Cutcher & Neale Financial Services and Paul Hastings from Bank of Queensland Specialists. Dr Foley thanked all Doctors for their hardworking contribution to the health system and expressed her belief that by working on enhancing the relationship between the MOH and Clinicians, patients and the broader public will be the benefit through continued excellent heath care.

The Supervisor of the Year Award was presented by Dr Saxon Smith AMA NSW President.

The selection panel this year had an extremely difficult task choosing the finalist and winners from the excellent caliber of nominations and finalists and they should all be very proud of what they have achieved and will continue to achieve.

Below outlines the Award Finalists and Winners:

JMO of the Year

Dr Marianne Turner – Winner

Dr Marianne Chalaam

Dr Robert Pearlman

Dr Ross Calopedis

Dr Mark Chemali

Dr Jonathan Kam

Dr Stuart Suigto

Dr Alexandra Croker

Dr Tim West

Dr Christopher Go

Registrar of the Year

Dr Tess Davis – Winner

Dr Christopher Nahm

Dr Supini Kapurubandara

Dr Andrew Lee

Dr Alexandra Rowell

Dr Lucy Wynter

Dr Leigh Cummins

Dr Angela Dunford

Dr Lucinda Morris

Dr Adeniyi Borire

Supervisor of the Year

Naim Arrage – Winner

Dr Kathy Tucker

Dr Andrew Ellis

Dr Kevin Alford

Dr James Wei Tatt Toh

Teacher of the Year

Dr Paul Spillane - Winner

Dr Eddy Fischer

Dr Allysan Armstrong-Brown

Dr Roshini Nayyar

Dr Scott Fortey

JMO Manager of the year

Jean-Mah Collins – Winner

Judy Muller – Winner

Tayia Yeates

Rebekah Carter


On behalf of ASMOF NSW State Council we would like to congratulate all of the finalists and particularly the winners of these great Awards.