2017 President's and Executive Director's report



Our 2017 AGM was held in February and the President and Executive Director delivered their annual reports to the meeting which outlined some of the highlights of 2016, including:

  A remarkable 10% membership growth

  ASMOF’s continuing support for the DIT Awards

  Our ongoing commitment to clinical engagement and the Joint Statement of cooperation regarding clinical engagement between ASMOF, the AMA NSW and the NSW Minister for Health

  The first annual ASMOF/AMA Senior Hospital Doctor Engagement Survey

  ASMOF’s support for the NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association in its campaign to retain the legal minimum requirement to have a registered nurse on duty at all times in nursing homes

  ASMOF being at the forefront of campaigning to stop violence against workers in hospitals

  Signing the first ever Statement of Agreed Principles on a respectful culture in Medicine

  Our commitment to the Last Drinks Coalition

  Our campaign to prevent the privatisation of public hospitals


 The reports also highlighted how ASMOF industrial staff have also been busy protecting and expanding the conditions, rights, wages and benefits of members. Industrial staff deal with a wide range of matters for members – including award disputes and access to entitlements, workplace complaints and grievances, disciplinary processes, allegations of harassment and bullying, performance reviews, workplace injuries and illness, workers’ compensation and return to work and restructures, enterprise bargaining, award negotiations and unfair dismissals.

2017 ASMOF Report 2017 ASMOF Report (514 KB)