2018 PRINT Conference


The Pre-Internship (PRINT) Conference is the leading academic event for graduating medical students in NSW and the ACT.

Currently acting as a bridge between the end of medical school and the beginning of internship, this conference aims to smoothen the transition between medical school and internship, through a series of keynotes, panels and practical workshops.

This year the conference was held on the 27 and 28 October, at the Rydges World Square. The Conference featured several passionate speakers as well as six practical workshops where delegates were given the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge of common scenarios & situations they will come across when they start work as junior doctors.

On the Saturday morning ASMOF gave a presentation on why it is important for doctors-in-training (DiTs) to understand their Award and a brief insight into understanding and interpreting payslips.

The session was well received by the students who had little information about their entitlements and no idea that getting paid appropriately could sometimes be so difficult. Over the last five years ASMOF has recovered over $9 million dollars in underpayments of wages for DiTs.

There were several inspiring key note speakers who gave tips and tricks on how to survive their intern year, careers advice, the importance of quality research and many other topics.

A number of workshops were also held to give the final year students the edge on commencing their internship in 2019 which included:

  • Suturing
  • Good Prescribing
  • Clinical Reviews
  • Radiology Master Class
  • Charting Meds & Insulin

Most attendees passed by our sponsorship table with many students eager to join the ASMOF/AMA Alliance.

Given the success of this year’s conference we will certainly be keen to attend the 2019 PRINT Conference and to help educate final year students on their workplace rights and to sign up new members.