5 things staff specialists need to know about office accommodation


  1. Clause 24 of the Staff Specialists (State) Award 2018 , provides the entitlement to reasonable accommodation. It reads “Staff Specialists will have access to such office, secretarial and administrative support as may be reasonably necessary to undertake the requirements of the position.”
  2. PD 2005_576 Office Accommodation Policy - Public Health Organisations and Ambulance Service outlines the required spaces for office accommodation in all health care facilities and is required to be complied with by public health organisations and the Ambulance Service of NSW. Section 1.5 of the PD deals with the Required Workspaces and prescribes the Office Type for Staff Specialists.
  3. Clause 30 of the Staff Specialists (State) Award 2018 requires NSW Health and the relevant LHD to consult with the Union and employees about all workplace change, including any attempt to change existing office accommodation arrangements.

  4. Under this clause NSW Health and the LHD must do the following:

  • notify the Union and employees who may be affected by the change.
  • discuss the introduction of the change with the Union and employees “as soon as practicable after such decision has been taken”
  • discuss the effect that the changes are likely to have on the employees
  • discuss any measures to avert or mitigate the adverse effects of the change on the employees
  • give prompt consideration to matters raised by the employee and Union in response to the changes.
  • provide to the Union and employees all relevant information about the changes, including the nature of what is proposed, the expected impact on the employees, with the proviso that it is not required to disclose confidential information that might be contrary to its interests.
  1. You should never agree to changes to your office accommodation without talking to the union.
  2. You should never agree to work in an open plan office space.