$77,000 culture audit into Macarthur Community Mental Health



Early in June this year, ASMOF received the $77,000 proposal for an external review of the culture at Macarthur Community Mental Health Unit.

The project plan of the proposal includes 3 phases: a diagnostic phase, a consultative phase, and an analysis and action planning phase. The project plan states to focus on the future and therefore will not be investigating the past, however the diagnostic phase will involve an engagement survey which seeks to identify a baseline culture. Example questions of the survey can be found on pages 11-15. The consultative phase aims to design the desired future culture by consulting with key stakeholders including staff. The project plan anticipates that 5 focus groups will be scheduled which will run for 90 minutes. The third phase focuses on developing the strategies to achieve the desired culture.

After receiving member feedback, ASMOF wrote to Dr Claire Jones, the Director of Mental Health at South West Sydney Local Health District, seeking further information as to why this $77,000 audit is being carried out.

Dr Jones’s response states that the reason for this external review is the “consequence of an accumulation of such processes [complaint investigations] the service has decided to undertake a strengths based evaluation with a desire to build a better culture”. Unfortunately, Dr Jones did not make any reference to any trigger for this external review and therefore ASMOF and our members are still unaware of exactly why this $77,000 culture audit is being undertaken.

If you have any experience of the culture at Macarthur Community Mental Health Unit and would like to discuss this with ASMOF, please contact Industrial Officer Catherine Ryan on (02) 9212 6900 or via email catheriner@asmof.org.au.