A Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year to all our members


… and especially to those members working to keep our hospitals going over the holiday.

It is right that we acknowledge that while lots of staff will be at home for Christmas and New Year with family and friends, many of our members will have to work.

To those members we say THANK YOU.

The Doctors Unionis taking a Christmas break from Wednesday 25 December until 2 January.During this time, we won’t be able to attend to your inquiry. But if your matter is extremely urgent (for example your employment has been terminated) and cannot wait until 2 January, you may leave a message at 9212 6900 and your issue will be attended to.

We would like to thank our members for supporting us during the year and for contributing to making ASMOF the voice for salaried doctors in NSW - making management more accountable and, hopefully making your workplaces better and safer places to work.

In 2020 ASMOF aims to be a bigger and stronger voice for you by concentrating on three main objectives:

  1. We have to continue to grow. We currently have nearly 6000 members in NSW. Continued growth in 2020 will provide a great foundation from which to build. Extra members will increase our base in the hospitals – to give you a better voice and to increase our representation and advocacy work. To do this we need members to talk to work colleagues about joining the Union – we need you to be proud ASMOF Champions.
  2. We will move up a gear with our campaign to win improvements to the working lives and conditions of doctors-in-training (DiTs) in NSW. We will build our workplace power through member engagement and industrial and organising activities that activate members. A key component of this campaign is our class action on behalf of members to recover unpaid wages and hopefully put an end to DiTs working unsafe hours and working overtime without pay.
  3. We will work with all members for safe and healthy work places; to fight for the right to collectively bargain for decent pay and conditions and to ensure the NSW government commits to a stronger and better funded public health system.

We wish you and your families a safe and restful festive season and a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to bringing you a stronger ASMOF in 2020.

Andrew Holland
Executive Director