A small win on safe working practices for Bankstown medical officers



Dr Sanjay Hettige and Andrew Holland met today with SWSLHD Chief Executive Amanda Larkin and DMS Brett Oliver to discuss our concerns regarding Bankstown surgical rosters, safe working hours and culture as highlighted in Dr Yumiko Kadota's blog post in February 2019.

You may recall that following Dr Kadota’s post ASMOF wrote to the Chief Executive highlighting our concerns about unsafe hours and unsafe rostering practices, seeking a commitment that the District would work with the ASMOF/AMA Alliance to ensure that all medical officers (DiTs) are provided with a safe work environment. One of our requests was that we work together in undertaking a review medical officer working hours and rosters.

SWSLHD acknowledged the work that needed to be done to fix this situation to create a safe working environment for Bankstown doctors.

We have already started reviewing the Bankstown surgical rosters and have highlighted many concerns to SWSLHD Executive which they have taken onboard.

Today we got the following commitments for the Chief Executive:

  • We will be provided with all the Bankstown rosters
  • We will then set up a meeting with representatives of the District to check for breaches of the Award and other safe working hours obligations, make sure they’re complaint and follow NSW Health best practice rostering principles.
  • They will work with us to come up with long term solutions to changing culture at Bankstown Hospital so medical officers (DiTs) feel they are working in a safe environment and getting adequate training opportunities.
  • They will provide the Alliance with a copy of a report they have commissioned from Dr Phillip Truskett that looks at the Bankstown training environment for DiTs as a whole.

Any Alliance member experiencing bullying, or any other form of discrimination or who is expected or asked to work unreasonable, excessive or unsafe hours should contact the Alliance so that we can assist.

Call 1800 117 670 or email: hotline@alliancensw.com.au or allocation@asmof.org.au