ACTU express concern over the Federal Government’s support for the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) which has called for an end to workers’ rights


The IPA is demanding that a returned Morrison Government effectively abolish all modern workers’ rights and implement a string of bizarre initiatives as part of their election manifesto “20 Policies to Fix Australia”, released last week. It is a blueprint for a cruel, unfair country ruled by multi-nationals and billionaires where working people have no rights and no voice.

The manifesto might seem laughable but the current, and previous, Coalition governments have implemented or attempted to implement roughly a third of the IPA’s previous election manifestos.

The IPA is the ideological foundation of the modern Liberal Party and this manifesto reveals their plan to end modern workers’ rights and undo decades of progress for working people.

The full paper, which can be viewed here instructs the Morrison Government to adopt regressive positions across a range of policy areas, including:

  • abolishing a range of workers’ rights by eliminating the existing protections in the Fair Work Act to be replaced with nothing. 
  • a flat income tax
  • reducing corporate tax which would necessitate massive cuts to government programs, abolishing superannuation, and
  • privatising the ABC

The ACTU Secretary Sally McManus has said that, “This manifesto would abolish workers’ rights from legislation and replace them with nothing. This would be a catastrophe for working people in Australia.”

“These policies would undermine job security, cut wages and see massive cuts to government services while increasing the cost of living for low-paid workers, making life harder for all working people, while providing a windfall for the very rich.”