ACTU video on paid domestic and family violence leave



ASMOF NSW supports the ‘We Won’t Wait’ Campaign for universal access to Domestic Violence Leave through the National Employment Standards and state industrial legislation.

Last week the ACTU finished the hearings for the paid domestic and family violence leave case.

The ACTU has asked the Fair Work Commission for ten days of paid leave as a basic standard that all Australians should be entitled to. This is an historical case that would grant millions of Australians access to paid leave if they are subjected to family and domestic violence.

We expect a decision in the first half of 2017.

Even if the claim is successful, however, there will still be too many workers left without access to paid family or domestic violence leave (those not covered by awards.) Only decisive action from state and federal governments will close this gap.

That’s why we’re backing the union fight taking family and domestic violence leave to COAG today, pushing for inclusion in the NES.

To build public support for the COAG push, the ACTU has launched this video highlighting what people experiencing family or domestic violence face as they try to manage work during such a traumatic time in their lives.

The film brings to life the transformative impact that paid family and domestic violence leave can have on both workers and employers – and more broadly on transforming social and cultural attitudes, so that we are no longer a society of bystanders.