ADOs for JMOs




When junior doctors work their ordinary hours, they are granted one Allocated Day Off (ADO) per calendar month which can accumulate to a maximum of three days.

ASMOF and NSW Health have been in discussions to make improvements to The NSW Health Policy Directive (PD2016_059) as it relates to ADOs for JMOs.

The PD now provides that:  

  • any untaken ADOs at the end of a rotation to a District must either be provided to the medical officer or paid out; and
  • the first three untaken ADOs will be paid out at ordinary rates and additional ADOs will be paid at the appropriate overtime rate.
All accrued ADOs are to either be provided or paid out to you by 1 July 2017.  

Further a new and positive provision is that your supervisor must ensure that you are able to take your ADO entitlement. We hope this new provision can be used to leverage hospitals to plan sufficient cover to allow MOs to take ADOs.

If you are to start your rotation with a new LHD this clinical year (on or about 6 February 2017), your accrued or untaken ADOs must be provided or paid out to you from your current LHD.

If you are not starting a new rotation at a new LHD on or about 6 February 2017, the LHD in which you are currently located must provide or pay out any accrued and any untaken ADOs by 1 July 2017.

It is your choice to elect to take or have the ADO paid out. And whilst you cannot be forced to take accrued ADOs and must be given an option to have them paid out – we encourage all members to take the time off.

Finally you need to be aware that that using all accrued ADOs, if you have a significant number, may have an impact on your training, as you are only allowed so many weeks off in order to meet your accredited time. ASMOF has raised these concerns with the MOH.