Advice for DiTs from our auditor- long service leave and qualification allowances



Exit Interviews – long service leave and qualification allowances


Advice from our auditor- Karin Thompson


Late last year I conducted exit interviews for many of our members who had either completed an accredited medical college training program,were terminating from NSW Health, were moving interstate or proceeding overseas for more training. During this process we review all relevant service history within your Health service. Did you know that you can review all your work history, via access to the Staff Link portal? In addition to reviewing JMOs service history, we review all leave entitlements and then check to ensure that JMOs have been receiving the right payments including allowances and entitlements.


This has been an interesting exercise with ASMOF being able to recover service history which had not been documented in Staff Link. This often ends up increasing the payment for long service leave if moving onto another health service interstate and/or simply for continuity of service. Often through this process it is also identified that allowances/entitlements have not been applied.

For example, one member advised that she had worked as a radiographer at a Sydney Hospital prior to commencing her Medical degree. The member was totally unaware that this service is counted towards her long service leave. Other JMOs had worked interstate in Public Hospitals or at St. Vincent’s Hospital and this service was also recovered.

Recovery of additional service in Health certainly makes a difference in a payout of long service leave.

The majority of the members in question had all completed their training with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Knowing this, I asked if in their final year of their advanced training they had been claiming “half” of the Qualification Allowance outlined in Clause 4 of the NSW Public Hospital Medical Officers Award? On every occasion the response was no, and in fact, they were totally unaware that this entitlement existed!

ASMOF then set out on a process of recovering payments for these doctors for “a half” qualification allowance whilst in their final year of training and the full qualification allowance on receipt of their College Fellowship. The Full Allowance paid is $60.20 per week ($3130.40 per annum) and $30.10 paid “half” qualification ($1565 per annum)

This Qualification Allowance referred to is in relation to a membership or fellowship to a relevant College*  “where an officer in his/her fifth and subsequent years of training is expected to meet the formal requirements of higher medical qualification in that year, he/she shall be paid half of the qualification allowance.”

To make an application for this Allowance, you will be required to formally write to the LHD requesting the allowance attaching the relevant documentation. This documentation would include a recent CV which outlines all medical training, and a letter from the respective College demonstrating the final year of training (for half qualification), or if in receipt of a full Fellowship, then payment of the full qualification allowance. This payment can be back dated to the relevant date/s.

*Please note that the colleges are outlined in the NSW Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award – Part A – 1. Definitions – sub clause (ii):

membership or fellowship of the Royal College or Royal Australasian College of Physicians or fellowship of the Royal College or Royal Australasian College of Surgeons or membership or fellowship of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.”


If you are in your final year of training and it is envisaged that you will receive your fellowship by the end of that year, you should apply for “half” the Qualification Allowance.

If you have already completed your fellowship and have received your papers then you should apply to be paid the full Qualification Allowance and the “half” Qualification Allowance in accordance with the award provisions

If you have any concerns or difficulties in getting paid the relevant allowances/entitlements, you should contact ASMOF via the allocation email: