AMA/ASMOF Alliance visits Orange Health Service



The AMA/ASMOF Alliance team are coming to see you. The team are currently undertaking a number of hospital site visits and the first cab off the rank was on Monday the 30/4/18 where we visited JMOs at the Orange Health Service.

The Alliance held a careers session with JMOs which was well attended and received. Anita from the AMA walked JMOs through how the alliance can help members with their Cover letters, CV’s and applications, interview preparation/techniques and developing your social media profile to ensure that you convey your best strengths and how you can stand out in the crowd.

Kerrie from ASMOF walked the JMOs through the 2017 Hospital Health Check Survey (HHC) and advised members to ensure that they participate in the 2018 HHC. She spoke about the JMO well-being plan and the changes that had been implemented thus far as a result of the HHC survey outcomes.

During the visit Kerrie identified that there were a number of rosters which included an “unpaid” meal break when it should have been a paid meal break when working shifts other than Monday to Friday day shifts. We have written to management and advised that this practice is to cease immediately and those JMOs who have worked these shifts and had half an hour deducted from their pay, be paid retrospectively for the time worked in accordance with the award provisions.

The day was completed by a great networking dinner where JMOs could meet some of the Alliance team members and network amongst themselves.

Keep an eye out for the team at your workplace.