Ambulance Service of NSW flexible work arrangements



The Ambulance Service of NSW has contacted ASMOF to advise that consistent with the Chief Executive’s commitment to adhere to the NSW Governments direction and the Public Service Commission’s strategies on Flexible Working. The following documents have been drafted by HR to form the policy and procedure settings for NSW Ambulance. The attached draft documents have been approved for release and consultation with ASMOF and other Unions.

As a number of Staff Specialists in particular have fractional appointments with the Ambulance Service of NSW, and Doctors in Training rotate through the Ambulance Service ASMOF requests Members employed by the Ambulance Service of NSW and Doctors in Training who may expect to be rotated with the Service to review the documents and provide comments by email to ASMOF at

The policy and procedure provides advice to employees seeking part time or reduced hours (including working from home arrangements for office based staff). The focus of the revised operating procedure is on:

  • Part time
  • Job Share
  • Working from Home or alternate NSWA location
  • Flexible Start & Finish Times

The application process takes into consideration:

  1.  Reference to the principles that a Flexible Work agreement must either maintain or improve service delivery.
  2.  There can be no impact on other staff or service delivery.
  3. All agreements must be time limited. Permanent arrangements will only be considered for Part-Time and must be contracted.
  4. Removal of compressed fortnight as an option.
  5. Appeal process. How does an employee appeal if a request is declined?
  6. Delegations. Who can approve an application?
  7. Impact of this new Operating Procedure on Operations. The OP works on the assumption that any employee is able to request flexible work and NSWA being able to decline the request if there will be an impact on operations that can’t be accommodated.

Could you please provide your feedback within 2 weeks by COB 13 September 2019.

Flexible work practices policy

Appendix 1 Flexible Work Practice Application Form

Appendix 2 Flexible Work Practice Considerations

Appendix 3 Flowchart

Appendix 4 Working from home risk self assessment checklist

Appendix 5 Working from home risk self assessment checklist images

Appendix 6 Working from home Emergency Procedure

Appendix 7 Working from Home Agreement

Proposed Operating Procedure v2