An end to Public Private Partnerships is in sight



An end to Public Private Partnerships is in sight

ASMOF NSW, The Doctors Union, welcomes the findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Northern Beaches Hospital which were released yesterday. The Committee has heard from a wide range of health professionals and community members and has reached the same conclusion as ASMOF-the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model must be abandoned.

ASMOF NSW President Dr Tony Sara said:

‘The evidence that the PPP model is a failure is clear. The Committees findings about how this failed model played out at Northern Beaches to disastrous effect is clear. It is now up to the NSW Government to act on these recommendations to secure the future of our public health system.’

Concerns raised by ASMOF and our members at Northern Beaches Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital have been heard loud and clear in the Report. ASMOF’s well aired concerns around the opening of the hospital have been validated by the Committee, who describe the disastrous opening as ‘inexcusable’.

The Committee particularly commended the effort of our Junior Medical Officers, finding that they were ‘pushed exceptionally hard, working unreasonable hours and subject to dangerous working environments.’

Changes ASMOF have pushed for including increased transparency, equity for public/private patients, expanded outpatient services, and improved integration within Northern Sydney Local Health District are all reflected in the Reports final recommendations.

ASMOF commends the work of the Committee and continues to support our members to address ongoing challenges at Northern Beaches Hospital. It is now time for the NSW Government to step up and implement these recommendations.

We thank all our members who have contributed to this Inquiry. This is an important win for the Union movement and doctors’ accounts were critical to this.

Read the full report here.