Another great ASMOF Win for DiTs


Thanks to the intervention of ASMOF all interns starting work at St Vincent's Hospital in 2020 will receive the correct rate of pay.

ASMOF was recently contacted by one of the final year students who will be commencing their internship at St Vincent’s Hospital at the beginning of the clinical year in January 2020. They took up the opportunity to join ASMOF following a presentation by ASMOF on “Knowing Your Rights” at the recent PRINT conference.

Our member was concerned about the rate of pay being offered for the second year of their proposed contract i.e. their offer of employment as a RMO 1 year compared to what their colleagues had been offered to be employed as in other LHD’s.

We reviewed their contract and found a number of anomalies as outlined below:

  • The rate of pay being offered in the second year was incorrect and less than the relevant award rates.
  • The unrostered overtime clause in the contract referred to a 2016 policy directive instead of the NSW MOH Policy Directive PD2019_027 Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers Working in the NSW Health Service. This clause was in breach of the recently negotiated unrostered overtime clause 9 of the above mentioned PD.
  • The contract also contained a clause which advised that on termination all pay will be held and not paid until all discharge summaries had been completed.

ASMOF wrote to St Vincent’s Hospital management and advised that the payment offered was incorrect and that this may have been an administrative error that would affect all new 2020 interns. We also advised that the incorrect policy had been referred to and therefore also required an amendment. Again this error would have an effect on all new 2020 interns.

ASMOF also advised that the clause in relation to withholding pay and completion of the discharge summaries should be withdrawn from all intern contracts and that any outstanding discharge summaries should be completed during normal working hours and if they were unable to be completed in normal hours then they were to be completed as overtime in accordance with PD2019_027.

ASMOF requested that all the contracts for the 2020 year interns be withdrawn and amended contracts be forwarded and offered to them. We also advised that St Vincent’s Hospital should give an extension of time for those effected interns to review, sign and send it back to St Vincent’s.

The request was actioned immediately by St Vincent’s Management and new contracts were issued.

Our member was extremely grateful to ASMOF and experienced first-hand the importance and value of belonging to the Doctors Union. Our member has advised all other 2020 interns that this was a win that ASMOF had achieved for them and has encouraged interns to become members.

If you know a colleague who will be commencing as an intern in 2020, encourage them to join up now or in O week so that they too can benefit from the service that ASMOF is able to offer interns.

If you would like an award presentation at your workplace please contact ASMOF Allocation ( and we would be happy to attend to your workplace.