Another PPP hospital bites the dust


In what will be a timely reminder to the NSW Government that the PPP model is fundamentally flawed, Mildura Base hospital will now be returned to public hands.

It is Victoria’s last remaining privately run public hospital and there has been overwhelming community support for the transfer back to public hands, with 1871 community members voting for the move in a public consultation. The Victorian Government has now been forced to be held accountable.

There continues to be no evidence to support the claim that privatisation will improve the quality and lower the cost of providing key public services. Mildura Base Hospital has been operated by Ramsay Health Care since 2000. In April of this year the New Daily reported cases of medical negligence, with staff claiming patients were being unsafely discharged and given wrong medications.

Independent MP Ali Cupper is quoted by the ABC as saying

"One thing the experiment of privatisation has shown to us is that it has the discernible impact on the standard of patient care and that's what this was about,

Some detractors would say to us that this was an ideological battle, but it wasn't..

The thing that is most exciting about this is that our community will be safer, it will have a safer model of health care because we'll have a hospital that's not trying to serve two masters — it's not going to be trying to serve shareholders and patients at the same time."

ASMOF has repeatedly warned about the risks of the PPP model. In this model the needs of patients, staff and the broader community are sidelined for profit.

The health privatisation model embodies an objectionable value system that severs the fundamental communal roots & traditions of our public hospitals and makes doctors and nurses the instruments of investors and views patients as commodities

ASMOF will appear at the NSW Parliamentary hearing into Northern Beaches Hospital on Monday.

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