Are you a Registrar paid as a Resident? – Registrar Definition - The “PGY3 Case”


ASMOF’s notification to the Industrial Relations Commission regarding the mis application of the Definition of Registrar was back before the Commission on Thursday 4th May.

The Ministry did eventually respond to ASMOF’s proposal to have a proper review or appeal mechanism for Doctors in Training who considered themselves to be incorrectly classified as RMOs rather than Registrars.

Unfortunately the response did not resolve the issue.

What has been agreed as a next step is for those Doctors in Training who consider that they are inappropriately classified as RMO when they are performing the duties and responsibilities of a Registrar to have their circumstances considered by the Ministry.

If you are a Registrar but paid as a Resident, please provide your details in the attached questionnaire and send to so we can raise your personal circumstances with the Ministry.

ASMOF is aware of several DiTs who have already provided material, & we will follow up with you directly to expedite discussions with the Ministry on your behalf as soon as possible.

The matter is back before the IRC on 9th July for Report Back, and we hope to have some success to report at that time.