ASMOF Acts to ensure the ED Allowance continues



ASMOF wrote to the Ministry of Health on 17th February this year to seek confirmation that the ED Allowance would continue at least in its present form after 30th June this year when the existing Policy Determination which provides for the ED Allowance expires.

It is important to recall that the ED Allowance came about from a number of Recommendations of the then President of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, the Hon Justice Boland as a result of ASMOF actively pursuing this in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on behalf of Emergency Physicians.

Notwithstanding a number of email and telephone “reminders” to the Ministry, as no response was provided (and it is acknowledged that the failure to respond may not lie entirely with the Ministry, but that the current NSW Government may have not authorised the Ministry to respond) ASMOF has notified the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW of the existence of an Industrial Dispute. (Dispute Notification attached)

This matter is now listed for a Compulsory Conference before Chief Commissioner Peter Kite at 11.30 am on 31st May. ASMOF will provide a further update following the Compulsory Conference.