ASMOF Annual General Meeting 2013


Successfully held on 19 February 2013.


The meeting again proved to be a wonderful opportunity for members to hear firsthand about the intense level of change and activity that has challenged and confronted us all over the last twelve months.  In part these continue to be driven by changes made in 2011 in the way that the process of industrial relations is now undertaken and wage outcomes achieved.  Health budgets appear under the spotlight and pressure throughout the country. NSW is no exception.

Closer to home, an update was provided as to progress by ASMOF in NSW in ‘bedding down’ the opportunities and responsibilities it now carries in being the Doctors’ Union for all Doctors. The next twelve months will see ASMOF continue to expand its services and representations on behalf of Interns, Residents and Registrars following the successful change to our rules at the end of last year.

To check out the reports tabled at the AGM, click on the link below.

Annual General Meeting - 2013 Annual General Meeting - 2013 (418 KB)