Win for HNELHD Part-Time Staff Specialists



ASMOF celebrate a WIN for our part-time staff specialists who were underfunded for their TESL in HNELHD.

It came to our attention that the District was applying an incorrect interpretation of Clause 5.1, which relevantly provides “Staff Specialists working pursuant to a Part Time Working Arrangement may accumulate the same maximum dollar value as a full-time Staff Specialist ie accrue two years full time equivalent entitlement”.

We understand that HNELHD was providing part time staff specialists with the proportionate amount of funding, capped at their relevant FTE. However, the correct interpretation of the PD provides that part-time staff specialists receive their funding pro-rata up to the maximum accumulation of a full-time staff specialist of any given financial year.

For clarity, the TESL funding entitlement may accumulate to a maximum of the dollar value of two years’ entitlement for a full-time staff specialist, i.e. $74,000 for the year ending 30 June 2019 for all staff specialists.

HNELHD have responded noting they have verified the policy with their Human Resources Team and confirm that they are in agreement with our assessment.

They will comply with the policy and adjust any balances not currently in compliance.

We advise our part-time staff specialist members to ensure that their balance is correct. We also encourage our members to share this with non-members and to encourage them to check their balance and get in contact with ASMOF to ensure their funding arrangements are correct.

If you are or may be affected by the above, please contact or our ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.