ASMOF Feedback on the Draft Revised NSW Health Security-Related Policies



Members may recall ASMOF invited your feedback on the draft revised NSW Health security-related policies. During the extended period of consultation, ASMOF also sent targeted emails to our emergency medicine and psychiatry members to ask for their input. Comments were also sought from the Doctors-in-Training Committee, ACEM and RANZCP.

Consequently, we received a lot of valuable feedback from our members, ASMOF Councillors and the DiTs Committee. These comments were collated and consolidated.

For your information, attached is the ASMOF feedback letter that was sent to the Ministry of Health last Friday. In addition to the comments in our feedback letter, ASMOF has also suggested to the Ministry that the revised Manual should include a clear statement, under chapter 15, that psychiatry input is essential in designing seclusion and restraint rooms in emergency departments.

ASMOF wishes to take this opportunity to thank members, State Councillors and the DiTs Committee for providing your valuable feedback.