ASMOF has negotiated a new provision for members employed on Multiple Assignments



The new provision has been inserted into a number of NSW Health Awards.

Both the Staff Specialists (State) Award (clause 4A) and the  Public Hospitals Career Medical Officers (State) Award (clause 7A) have been varied to include the multiple assignment provision. and applies across all Public Health Organisations, as defined by section 7 of the Health Services Act 1997. The new provisions apply to employees working at the same grade and level.

If you are affected you can elect for an ‘amalgamation’ of your multiple assignments for specific purposes, such as leave entitlements and normal duties under the Award.

What happens if you work Multiple Assignments within a single public health organisation?

The work performed in each assignment is aggregated for all Award purposes.

All hours worked count towards your leave entitlements and you can take that leave in any assignment.

If you apply for additional assignments, you must disclose that you are already employed and provide details on that employment. Before accepting additional assignments, you must advise your current manager of the details of that additional assignment. The Public Health Organisation can elect to withhold approval of the additional assignment on reasonable grounds.

What happens if you work Multiple Assignments across different Public Health Organisations?

Multiple assignments across different Public Health Organisations will have Award provisions applied separately to each assignment except in relation to some leave matters:

(a) All service is combined for long service leave purposes.

(b) Service in an assignment in another Public Health Organisation is recognised for the purposes of maternity, adoption and parental leave.

(c) Service in all assignments will be recognised for the purposes of entitlements to Family and Community Services Leave.

(d) At the time you commence an assignment in another Public Health Organisation your existing leave credits will be apportioned across your assignments. You can elect that this not occur. If you have existing multiple assignments you may also elect for this leave apportioning.

(e) Where you terminate an assignment, any leave credits held in that assignment are transferred to the remaining assignment/s.

All service in multiple assignments is recognised for incremental progression in accordance with the Award.

If you are engaged in more than one assignment across different Public Health Organisations you may request to have your leave apportioned across the assignments. 

Public Health Organisations will develop local administrative arrangements to facilitate the new award provisions, identify affected staff and transition them into the new arrangements.

Please contact Xanthe Thomson, Senior Industrial Officer at for further information.