ASMOF industrial staff stop unsafe work practices at Bankstown/Lidcombe hospital


On Wednesday and Thursday this week ASMOF Industrial staff formally exercised their rights under the NSW Industrial Relations Act to enter Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital to investigate suspected breaches of the Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award 2019 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

This is a right that is only available to union officials for the benefit of union members.

Our Industrial staff will now go through the voluminous documentation to determine where there have been breaches of the Award or WHS Act.

Our initial review of the documents has confirmed that doctors in training were being under-rostered their contracted hours when working the night roster and the gap in hours were being filled retrospectively with leave without pay, annual leave or ADOs.

As a direct result of our intervention this practice has now ceased.

We have also discovered that advanced trainees in cardiology were working on two overtime rosters. They work an onerous 1-3 on call in cardiology and were also required to participate in the medical registrar’s overtime roster. This is clearly an unsafe practice.

As a direct result of our intervention they will no longer be required to participate in the medical registrar’s overtime roster.

We will continue to engage in constructive discussions with Bankstown management over the next few weeks.

A more detailed report will be provided at the end of the audit process.

These are two immediate wins resulting from ASMOFs intervention. We expect more will come out of the details audit we will undertake over the upcoming weeks.

Contact us at you:

  • Have any concerns about being rostered unsafe working hours
  • Find you have been “allocated” LWOP on your payslip without requesting LWOP
  • Have been requested by management to use your annual leave or ADOs.