ASMOF Welcomes the 2018 Interns


It’s that time of year when we welcome all new doctors commencing their employment as Interns in NSW. 

The 2018 Orientation week is from 22-28 January. 

The ASMOF/AMA Alliance will be out in force visiting 22 hospitals during O Week. Alliance staff and many active members will be out and about to talk to interns about the benefits of joining the Alliance. And as you know the benefits are many and varied. 

New Interns will need to face the challenges of a demanding workplace culture and managing their work/life balance. 

The success the Alliance had in 2017 campaigning for the JMO Wellbeing & Support Plan, including the game changing introduction of a maximum limit on rostered shifts of 14 hours and a mandatory 10-hour break between rostered shifts will greatly benefit all new Interns. 

So if you meet a new Intern over the next few weeks say hi and ask them to join the ASMOF/AMA Alliance.