ASMOF WIN Against Healthscope


ASMOF returned to the Commission this morning over Healthscope’s chaotic, unreasonable and quite unfair approach in issuing contracts to our members migrating to Northern Beaches Hospital.

Through our vigorous negotiations we were able to secure fundamental terms and conditions for our members. Importantly, this includes continued access to all accrued TESL funding for Levels 1-5 at NSLHD and the recognition and access to funding accrued for Staff Specialists who migrated from Levels 1 to 2-5 at NSLHD over the course of their employment.

Following the urgent hearing on Friday 12 October 2018, ASMOF has been actively negotiating with the Ministry, NSLHD and Healthscope. NSLHD and the Ministry provided clarity and processes to deal with fundamental entitlements, such as the Emergency Physician Allowance. Healthscope clarified important conditions for Staff Specialist’s unique employment at Healthscope, including indemnity, managerial allowance, election of private practice, and the zero payment of infrastructure charges or other levy’s relating to rights of private practice. Healthscope further conceded and agreed to provide access to TESL Funding generated from the billings of Levels 2-5, a condition they vehemently opposed previously.

We thank NSLHD Chief Executive, Deborah Wilcox, and other relevant staff at NSLHD, for their hard work and commitment to our members. Ms Wilcox, and her team, were indispensable in achieving a resolution.

We expect that should Healthscope breach the Project Deed – the commercial agreement between Healthscope and NSW Health – the Ministry would force Healthscope to honour the agreement. We reminded the Ministry this morning that while we appreciate their assistance in resolving this matter, should Healthscope breach the agreement in any way, we will immediately notify the Ministry of a dispute and drag them back to the Commission.

With respect to Healthscope, we note we were appalled with their disregard for the rights of the senior medical practitioners who are our members  and are soon to be HealthScope employees. Our hope is that they now see the benefit of consulting appropriately with ASMOF and our members.

We have advised members to read their amended and/or reissued contracts and to consider signing should they be personally satisfied with the terms and conditions. There are several members who have yet to receive a letter of offer, and we will continue to work with them.

We also look forward to the next stage of working with our members and Healthscope in the bargaining and development of an Enterprise Agreement.

The successes we have achieved are a direct result of our members engagement and we encourage them to notify any non-members to join.

If you know of anyone who is not an ASMOF member who is moving to Northern Beaches Hospital, or who is not receiving these updates, please forward this on and ask they contact the Office as soon as they can on 9212 6900 or