ASMOF WIN for Training, Education and Study Leave (TESL) for Staff Specialists


Pre 1997 Conference and Study Leave Arrangements

We are celebrating two important wins here at ASMOF following the resolution of the long-standing issue of Pre-97 and Residual Level 1 Balances for members who moved to Levels 2-5.

Changes have been made to the arrangements for taking Study and Conference leave accrued prior to 1997. Staff Specialists with unused pre 97 study and conference leave have now have the balance accurately recorded (separately to TESL days) in StaffLink. This can be seen under the code LA-Pre-97.

In addition, ASMOF were able to secure separate funding amount for each day of accrued Pre-97 leave at $1400 for previous Scheme A Staff Specialists. This is equivalent to the current daily TESL entitlement for a Level 1 Staff Specialist. Funding to take this leave will only be available for 7 years from the date of conversion. Funding for Pre-97 leave will end on 3 September 2026.

It is recommended that you check your pre 97 leave balance in StaffLink and contact ASMOF if you have any concerns regarding your balance.

Considering the time limit on the use of funds, it is important that if you believe you have an incorrect balance, you contact ASMOF as soon as reasonably possible. Importantly, any claims brought within the period will continue to be subject to the limitation as at the date of the policy being implemented, being 3 September 2019.

Any claims brought after the end of the seven year period noted above, will not be able to be resolved by either ASMOF or NSW Health.

Unused Level 1 Funds

Furthermore, ASMOF became aware that some Districts were inappropriately removing the accrued Level 1 funding of Staff Specialists who migrated to Levels 2-5. We disputed this interpretation with the Ministry, who agreed with our position.

As such, the TESL Policy now states unequivocally that Staff Specialists transferring from Rights of Private Practice (RoPP) Level 1 to Level 2-5 maintains the balance of their level 1 entitlement in terms of days accrued and any remaining funds balance, but no longer receives funding from the general fund. Those who have not used the entirety of their accumulated Level 1 funds, continue to be able to access and use the their residual level 1 balance until exhausted by the Staff Specialist. Access to these funds is not time-limited.

Districts who have removed the balance previously, will also be returning those funds to individual staff specialists.

We encourage you to read the new Policy Directive, which contains the various substantive changes under Section 3.1 and 5.1.1, for Pre-97 and Residual Level 1 Balance, respectively.

If you have any queries with respect to the above, please do not hesitate to contact ASMOF.

Further, if you know of any non-members who may be affected by the above in any way, ensure they join the Union and contact us so that we can provide them with assistance.