Car Parking fee increase! (SCHW)


ASMOF has received correspondence from Ian Fuller, Director of Workforce at The Children's Hospital Westmead (SCHW), regarding a number of changes to car parking arrangements across the Westmead Health precinct.

The correspondence (here) sets out the impacts on existing arrangements at SCHW.

The major changes include:

  • the allocation of additional spaces on the Oval, which will commence in early December 2017, and
  • an increase in staff parking fees from Monday 18 December 2017. The new rates are set out below:

The fee changes are:

Previous Fee

New Fee

Full Time (per week)



Part Time (per week)



After Hours (per week)



Full Time (per fortnight)



Part Time (per fortnight)



After Hours (per fortnight)



  • Part-Time staff are defined as working 24 hours or less per week

What is most concerning is that the increase is almost double the price of the current fee and there has been little to no consultation regarding their proposal 

A copy of the relevant NSW Health Policy Directive is also attached for your review.

ASMOF has opposed the proposed fee increase and requested the status quo until such time that the SCHN enters into further consultation.   ASMOF proposed that SCHW organise a Union Specific Consultative Meeting (USCC) in order to consult and discuss the matter.  

ASMOF has now been contacted by Management requesting to hold a USCC meeting for those discussions/consultation to occur at a date and time yet to be determined.  

It is imperative that we have members at the table to raise staff/members concerns regarding the proposal.

ASMOF are also working alongside our colleagues from both the NSWNMA and HSU who have also been contacted by SCHN. 

In light of the above, ASMOF is seeking delegates from both Senior and Junior staff who would like to attend as representatives on the USCC meeting along with Industrial Organiser Kerrie Seymour. 

If you are interested in attending as an ASMOF delegate and/or if you have any concerns/comments regarding the proposal and you have not already forwarded those concerns, please contact Kerrie via email

Delegates will be chosen on a first come first in basis.