Career Medical Officers Overpayment Dispute



Further to negotiations with the Ministry of Health last week ASMOF received a letter of offer 26 May 2017 to settle this matter.

The offer is to insert definitions of a shift worker into the Award to include;

"Day Worker" means a worker who works her/his ordinary hours from Monday to Friday inclusive and who commences work on such days at or after 6am and before 10am, otherwise than as part of the shift system.

“Shift Worker” means a worker who is not a day worker as defined.

The Ministry has agreed that CMOs defined as shift workers should be paid annual leave loading that includes shift penalties.

ASMOF will enter into discussions for a consent variation to the Public Hospital Career Medical Officers (State) Award to due to expire 30 June 2017.

Only ASMOF members that received overpayment letters, initiating recovery of those overpayments, will be advised the overpayment is withdrawn.

ASMOF would like to hear from any CMO that received such a letter and has not to date contacted or please call ASMOF 92126900