Cashing in Accrued Annual Leave


Back on the table for consideration.

Following the tabling of the NSW Budget 2012-13 in June last year, members may recall that the Ministry of Health approached ASMOF with a proposal to permit (limited) cashing in of accrued annual leave for those doctors employed under the Staff Specialists (State) Award.  In large part this was a response by the Ministry to the NSW Government’s announcement that a program of systematic reduction in accrued annual leave was required across the entirety of the public sector. 

Subsequently, proposals were circulated to members for feedback and comment, which were presented to ASMOF State Council in September 2012.  Members were updated following that meeting. You may recall that at that meeting, after considerable debate, and mindful of the feedback received from members, ASMOF State Council on balance endorsed in principle support to continue negotiations with the Ministry. These negotiations were to establish how any such proposal would be reflected in awards and/or agreements, and further clarifying and discussing some of the questions and impediments raised by members during the consultation process.

However, and somewhat surprisingly, the Ministry then effectively put negotiations on hold for its own proposal whilst it reconsidered its own position, in large part contemplating issues pertaining to processing and procedure if such an option was to go ahead. 

This process of self-reflection by the Ministry has now concluded after several months, and it is now anticipated that a proposal for a variation to the Staff Specialists (State) Award will be available to the ASMOF State Council at its meeting next week for further/final deliberation/approval.

It should be noted that the key aspects of the original proposal regarding the quantum of leave that could be subject to cashing in, along with the monetary value of such leave, will remain part of any revamped proposal.  The original proposal can be accessed here.