Changes to Defence Reserve Service Leave


ASMOF has been advised by the Ministry that the Leave Matters for the NSW Health Service Policy Directive has been updated and now includes Top Up Pay provisions for members of the Australian Defence Force Reserves.

Changes to Section 13 of the PD include that written certification from the Commanding Officer of a unit of the Reserves is no longer needed to access the maximum 24 days Paid Defence Reserve Service Leave per year.

Notably the PD includes a new provision, Defence Reserve Service with Top Up Pay, which can be accessed when the 24 days of Paid Defence Reserve Service Leave are exhausted. Top Up Pay is the difference between the Commonwealth Department of Defence Reservist pay and your usual pay. The policy does not specify an annual limit to this type of leave and sick leave, annual and long service leave entitlements accrue as normal when it is taken.

The updated PD also specifies what types of service Paid Defence Reserve Service leave and Defence Reserve Service with Top Up Pay are to be used for, ie. they can no longer be used for any form of Defence service. Types of service paid leave will be granted for are:

  • Initial recruit training
  • Compulsory annual training
  • Attendance at schools and/or classes of instruction
  • Compulsory parades conducted by the employee’s unit

Continuous Full Time Service and training undertaken during a period of Continuous Full Time Service are not covered by Paid Defence Reserve Service Leave provisions. Unpaid or other types of leave may be granted for Continuous Full Time Service and activities that fall outside these categories.