Changing Jobs?




Are you thinking of changing jobs this year?

Here are some important tips you need to know before you make the move:

Before accepting a new job or role, whether it be within the same LHD or a new one, it is critical that you seek advice on the terms of your contract/ letter of offer to avoid any unwanted issues or nasty surprises down the track.

Our industrial staff can provide JMOs, CMOs, Clinical Academics and Staff Specialists advice on the terms of their contract.

It is essential that the following terms are carefully considered to ensure they meet your needs, not just your employers:

  • Location of work
    • Check how many locations the LHD expects you to work at before you sign
  • Duties
    • Check that the duties you expect to perform are accurate and cannot be unilaterally changed without consultation
  • Classification level
    • Ensure that the contract specifies your correct classification level, pay rate and allowances
  • Correct Award
    • Make sure that the correct Award is referred to
  • Hours
    • Ensure that the hours of work are those required by the Award and not more
  • Any notice provisions

Many employees are surprised to learn that the terms in the contract can and should be negotiated before you sign. Employees are also surprised to find out that contracts are not just pro-formas used by the Ministry. Each contract is an individually crafted documents that may not meet your needs and should be negotiated.

Our industrial staff are well versed in providing advice on the terms of the contract and can assist you in the negotiation process.

We can also advise you on whether and how your accrued entitlements like annual leave will transfer to the new LHD.

If you are considering signing a new contract, contact the ASMOF office today about how we can assist you.