Clinical School visits and the HHC



Clinical School Visits
The Alliance representatives from both AMA (NSW) and ASMOF (NSW) have been hard at work, visiting Clinical Schools!

The Clinical school visits are undertaken annually by Alliance Staff and Members (Yes! Our very own Doctors, too!) who speak to the student's about realistic expectations for their Intern year, advice to keep them afloat and their career on-track.

ASMOF is there to give the students insight into their award entitlements, their rights under the award and provide examples of both underpayments & over-payments (which most will experience during their training years).  ASMOF also speaks regularly about the importance of being an Alliance member and the advocacy we are able to provide to members.  

The Alliance website always receives a special mention in Clinical Schools, because of its relevance to what will be their new workplace and its grade under the HHC survey.   

AMA (NSW) staff regularly speak about the Careers advisory service providing members with CV assistance, interview techniques and encouragement to build relationships with Senior Doctors who can be utilised as referee’s. 

The Alliance would like to especially thank the following Doctors for their assistance with both the Clinical School visits and the HHC visits:
  • Dr Shantiban Shanmugan;
  • Dr Boris Waldman;
  • Dr Chamitha Weerasinghe;
  • Dr Alison Chandler;
  • Dr Jackie Ho;
  • Dr Alan Pham;
  • Dr Tessa Kennedy; &
  • Dr Sanjay Hettige
(If we've missed anyone, our most sincere apologies. There will be plenty more thanks to come! :) )

Hospital Health Check
The Alliance recently initiated its first Hospital Health Check (HHC) survey on doctors-in-training working in NSW, which resulted in survey data being used to provide hospitals with grades in five different domains and to calculate an overall rating for each facility, being:
  1. Overtime & rostering
  2. Access to leave
  3. Wellbeing
  4. Education & training
  5. Morale & culture
For the grading of your hospital you currently work in regarding these domains, please head on over to: 
RPAH was the first site the Alliance visited this Wednesday 4th October to talk about the HHC survey results as relevant to RPAH.  

Feedback suggested that the HHC session was well received and also included attendance by some management staff.  The Alliance will continue to attend Hospitals to speak to the HHC survey results for their site.