COVID 19- Important member advice



COVID 19- Important member advice

An article in ABC today has highlighted doctors concerns about our health systems capacity to cope with a pandemic. We know these concerns are shared by our members. ASMOF is regularly meeting with the Ministry and other Health Unions in respect of emerging issues relating to COVID 19. Our next meeting will be held on Monday afternoon. If members have any specific concerns, feedback and questions to raise please advise Hanna Schutz on


The latest advice from NSW Health:

NSW Health have existing policies in place to address this should the need arise.Please refer to:

Patient care areas are all areas of hospitals and facilities where direct patient care is delivered. Staff that are required to be excluded from patient care areas for 14 days if they have been to mainland China before 1 Feb are not able to enter patient care areas, nor to be involved in any diagnostic or treatment procedures that are performed directly on the patient. After the exclusion period of 14 days, staff are able to return to work in patient care areas. If required to exclude from patient care areas for 14 days:

  • Pathology – Staff are able to perform diagnostic procedures if not performed directly on the patient
  • Sterilising – Staff can sterilise equipment, but cannot enter patient care areas to retrieve the equipment.
  • Ambulance stations where patient equipment is stored/packed – Staff can enter ambulance stations where patient equipment is stored/packed.
Travelling? The latest advice from Chubb travel insurance can be found here. Please note that members also need to check on any further Government Travel warnings.