Definition of “Specialist” – Staff Specialists (State) Award




Did you know?

The Staff Specialists (State) Award defines the term “Specialist”. Specifically, the Award states that a Specialist is “ a person who is appointed to a position of a Specialist by the employer”. The Award then sets out the eligibility criteria (i.e. to become a person who is eligibility for that specialist appointment), and are summarised below.

A “Specialist” is a person who:

(a) holds a medical qualification in NSW; and

(b) has full registration and spent not less than five years in the practice of medicine …; and

(c) inclusive within the period described in (b), has spent not less than three years in supervised specialist training and/or experience; and

        ticks one of the following under (d)

(d) (i) has obtained a Fellowship of a recognised Australasian Specialist College; or

(ii) has proof of recognition as a specialist by the Specialists Recognition Advisory Committee; or

(iii) has conditional registration with the NSW Medical Board as an overseas-trained specialist (not including conditional registration as a general practitioner); or

(iv) does not have a qualification recognised under d(i) (ii) or (iii) above but has obtained an appropriate higher qualification in his/her specialty acceptable to the Employer after consideration by its Medical and Dental Advisory Committee.

The importance of the definition above in practice means that if you have been assigned the duties and responsibilities of a staff specialist (such as participating in the staff specialist roster) or appointed to such position by the Employer – even whilst you are awaiting your fellowship with the relevant College – you may be entitled to be recognised as a “Specialist” and be paid the specialist salary under the Award.

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