District Wide Clinical Network Structure WSLHD – Consultation process



The Doctors Union (ASMOF) has been invited by WSLHD to consult in relation to a proposed new Clinical Network Structure. A series of fortnightly USCC meetings have been set up with ASMOF and management which will run until December 2020.

According to WSLHD, under the new structure, 9 Clinical Networks will be set up across the district. To operationalise the Clinical Networks a new structure that realigns facilities and services is proposed. The current divisional structure will be replaced by the clinical structure.

ASMOF is currently engaging with members in relation to the restructure proposal and some members have conveyed a range of concerns in relation to the proposed restructure. We are in the process of collating the feedback which will be provided to management.

We have also been meeting with management to gain clarity around the details of changes proposed.

If you are a member at WSLHD and have not yet provided feedback to ASMOF, we encourage you to do so. Please also indicate if you would like to attend the consultation meetings with your ASMOF representatives and management. Please provide your feedback to hannas@asmof.org.au and elishkas@asmof.org.au