DiT Campaign Priorities


Last year we developed a set of DiT Campaign Priorities to guide how we achieve improvements to the working lives and conditions of all Doctor’s in Training in NSW and make positive impacts on patient care.

Unfortunately, many DiTs continue to face bullying, harassment and discrimination, and are often at high risk of experiencing mental illness. We want to make sure that workplaces are safe, secure, healthy and respectful environments, free of harassment, intimidation, violence and discrimination.

In addition, DiTs in NSW have some of the lowest wages for junior doctors across Australia. We want to defend and extend your rights at work through a range of industrial, organising and political strategies.

By increasing Union membership and working in solidarity with like-minded organisations, we will strengthen our collective voice and build power to make change.

The campaign priorities are grouped under six key themes:

  1. Educating members on the need to improve working conditions and industrial protections and empower them to take collective action to achieve this.
  2. Ensuring that DiTs are safe at work.
  3. Ensuring DiTs are treated with respect.
  4. Ensuring DiTs have access to proper professional development.
  5. Ensuring support for working parents.
  6. Ensuring employment security.

We have also developed a set of key claims which underpin achieving our priorities.

You can read the claims here. 

We are seeking your feedback about  the key claims. Your voice, and that of your colleagues, is valued and sought.

Please email your comments to us at allocation@asmof.org.au.