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Medical Officer Contracts

Members may recall in 2017 that a number of LHD’s and Training Networks were offering DiTs contracts at their current rate of pay/level instead of what they would have been on for the following year when their next increment was due.

ASMOF at the time met with the MOH who agreed that new contracts would be issued to those affected DiTs. To ensure this did not occur again, we requested that a new contract template be made available to LHD’s and training networks, which would include a caveat advising that “if the medical officer had not met the required requisite hours in order to increment to the next level, that they would not be paid the increment until those hours had been completed” .

The new template was created in June 2017 and should be being utilised by LHDs and Training Networks. Whilst the template has been utilised without a problem since that date (to the best of our knowledge) we were contacted this week by a member who was offered a contract at her current rate of pay instead of the rate that she should be commencing on for the following clinical year.

Management agreed that a new contract would be issued to our member with the correct rate of pay, however it was identified that this situation could also have an effect for all DiT contracts being offered within NNSWLHD commencing the beginning of the clinical year. Management will now review and amend these offers if required.

ASMOF are now seeking to identify any other Training Networks and/or LHDs who may be offering Medical Officers contracts at their current rates/level, instead of the rate they should be on at the beginning of the 2020 clinical year.

What Should I Do Now?

  1. If you have already signed your contract at the lower level and/or if you have received your letter of offer and it is at the lower level of what you should be in the 2020 clinical year, then please contact us via ASMOF Allocation (allocation@asmof.org.au) or 92126900 and one of our specialist industrial officers will assist you.
  2. If you know of medical officers who are not yet members and need assistance, please pass this message onto them and encourage them to join.





We have another success for a Doctor in Training – this time ensuring study leave transferred with the member who moved across two LHDs.

This member was told, incorrectly, they could not access study leave to prepare and sit for an exam. They were told they had to take LWOP.

We intervened on behalf of the member - making it clear that all leave entitlements transfer to the new LHD.

We said the study leave must be granted and now the study leave has been approved.