Unrostered Overtime - you work it, you claim it


As reported in June, we have won significant concessions from NSW Health regarding unrostered overtime (UROT) for medical officers (DiTs).

Reminder - what did we win?

Under the revised Employment Arrangements for Medical Officers in the NSW Public Health Service Policy Directive (Policy Directive), there are now five areas of unrostered overtime that do not require prior approval. These are:

  • Late ward rounds
  • Hospital-based mandatory training
  • Completion of outstanding transfer / discharge summaries
  • Clinical handover
  • Hospital-based outpatient clinics.

While the above changes are an important step in addressing the issue of unpaid overtime for DiTs, we now need to see some culture change around claiming overtime. This applies to management, SMOs and DiTs.

We want our DiT members to make sure they are aware of the changes and to start claiming under the new Policy Directive. We believe this could have a significant impact on your weekly pay.

ASMOF is also asking our SMO members and management to familiarise themselves with the provisions and encourage DiTs to claim.

We want to hear from DiTs:

We are now closely monitoring how LHDs are implementing the new provisions. As part of our monitoring process, we would like to hear from any members who have questions about UROT or who have had any problems claiming UROT. If any members would like us to visit them at their workplace to hold an information session on the changes, please contact us at allocation@asmof.org.au