Do you know a work colleague who isn’t yet a member of ASMOF?



Do you know a work colleague who isn’t yet a member of ASMOF?

Why don’t you talk to them about joining the Doctors’ Union?

You can tell them:

  We are the only Union which works exclusively for salaried doctors

  We are completely dedicated to the best interests of salaried doctors

  We provide a truly democratic voice for salaried doctors to work together to achieve and maintain a fair and safe workplace, better pay and improved rights at work

  We fight for the provision and development of quality health services

  We know the issues, the people and the sector

  We can represent members in negotiations over pay and conditions, individual disputes, grievances, performance cases and change management issues.


We stand up for the rights of salaried doctors at work, and we have the proven track record of achieving real and meaningful improvement, including:

  Winning the 17.4 % special allowance to compensate all staff specialists for reasonable on call

  Winning the Special Allowance for staff specialists working in Emergency Departments


  Establishing the career medical officers’ grading committee which makes sure that all applications for a more senior grade are treated in a fair and transparent way

  Instigating the Clinical Academics’ employment policy directive providing, for the first time, clarity around the terms and conditions under which clinical academics are employed.

  Recovering over $6 million in underpaid wages for junior doctors.


You can also tell them that as a member, they get access to the following:
  • specialist industrial staff to negotiate and protect their rights and entitlements
  • fast, accurate advice from our experienced industrial staff.
  • expert representation in bargaining for salary increases and enhanced terms and conditions of employment.
  • skilled advocacy of your issues and concerns in workplace disputes and restructuring, and if necessary quality representation in industrial tribunals.
  • low cost banking
  • Access to Union Shopper a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families for a wide variety of consumer goods.
  • free, comprehensive travel insurance that covers not only them but their family as well.
  • Accident journey insurance cover if they are injured travelling to or from work
  • Free initial legal advice on any private matter and further legal assistance at discount rates
  • Access to Australian Unions Member Benefits are provided to every union member through the ACTU in partnership with your union.
Just tell them that if they are not a member of ASMOF there has never been a better time to join.