Do you want to become an ASMOF representative in your workplace?


We are looking for members – from Interns to Senior Staff Specialists – to become ASMOF representatives in your workplaces.

As we are run by doctors for doctors, it is important we have active members in the workplace that are proud of their Union and committed to defending and promoting doctors’ rights at work.

We call our workplace representatives “ASMOF Champions”.

ASMOF Champions are one way that we can introduce new staff to the benefits of union membership, as well as keep existing ASMOF members aware of how their Union can assist their working lives.

ASMOF Champions are important in enabling the Union to function well in the workplace. Our Champions are the direct link between the ASMOF office and the members in the workplace.

Some of the activities ASMOF Champions undertake as representatives in their workplaces include:

  • Keeping the ASMOF office informed about what members in the workplace want and need.
  • Approaching new staff about joining the Union when they start work.
  • Approaching non-member doctors about joining ASMOF, or organising another ASMOF member to do this.
  • Keeping ASMOF members in the workplace up to date on union activities and policies.
  • Informing the ASMOF office about staffing changes in their work area.
  • Organising an ASMOF notice board in a prominent position in the work area.
  • Organising discussions (meetings) with members and non-members regarding ASMOF’s current activities.
  • Encouraging ASMOF members to become more active in the Union.
  • Attending – and encouraging other members to attend –ASMOF meetings, including Consultative Committees with hospital and LHD management.

If you are interested in becoming an ASMOF Champion, please get in touch with Richard Thompson at or via the ASMOF office at 9212 6900.