Doctors call for Health Equity in South-West Sydney


The findings of the NSW Inquiry into Current and future provision of health services in the South-West Sydney Growth Region have been released and can be read here. They are also addressed in a Sydney Morning Herald article which drew attention to the 500 day wait for some procedures.

Chronic under resourcing of health services in South-West Sydney is causing risks to patients as well as doctors who are overworked and at risk burnout. ASMOF is aware of understaffing across a range of sites in South-West Sydney, which is addressed in the report.

ASMOF believes that NSW Government must implement the recommendations of this Report, including the first that ‘the New South Wales Government address without delay the historical under-funding of health and hospital services in South-West Sydney.’ We also support the recommendation ‘ensure that South-West Sydney has adequate medical specialists to accommodate its population growth and the higher health risk profile.’

This report recognises that this is fundamentally an issue of equity and South-West Sydney deserves the same high quality health services that are available in other parts of Sydney.

ASMOF recognises the important work of members who contributed to this Inquiry and shared their insights with the Committee.