Doctors in Training Campaign Framework


In 2018 ASMOF State Council endorsed a general bargaining strategy which focuses on the strategic implementation of bargaining for our members who work in both the NSW and the National industrial relations systems.

The reason we developed the strategy is because we know that our members do not just want ASMOF to be reactive to the threats posed by the Government. If we are to provide hope to our members that we can challenge the Government (industrially and politically) we must develop and implement overarching plans to make sustainable gains in our members’ terms and conditions of employment. Our plans must also allow us to build union organisation in the workplace.

As part of this overarching strategy we are developing a Doctors in Training Campaign Framework to win significant improvements to the working lives and conditions of all DiTs in NSW. The Framework will have several components, including a Strategic Vision, a set of Strategic Goals, and a Log of Claims based on the Strategic Goals.

The Strategic Vision is:

We aim to win significant improvements to the working lives and conditions of all doctors-in-training (DiTs) in NSW. In the interest of patient care and the health and welfare of DiTs, we must ensure that workplaces are safe, secure, healthy and respectful environments which are free of harassment, intimidation, violence, excessive overwork and discrimination.

We will defend and extend our rights at work by combining industrial, organising and political strategies. By increasing Union membership and working in solidarity as part of the DiT Alliance we will strengthen our collective voice and build union power to make change.

The Strategic Goals are to:

1. Educate members on the need to improve working conditions and industrial protections and empower them to take collective action to achieve this.

2. Ensure that DiTs are safe at work by campaigning for:

• Enforceable award provisions to prevent DiTs working unsafe hours

• A prohibition on rostering arrangements which breach the Award or policy

• Guaranteed funding to ensure safe staffing levels.

3. Ensure DiTs are treated with respect by campaigning for:

• A fair pay structure which guarantees that DiTs are classified and paid at the level which corresponds to the work they perform and not an artificial and arbitrary classification based on Post Graduate Year

• A guarantee that DiTs are paid overtime for all hours worked outside of ordinary hours

• A guarantee that complaints are dealt with in a fair and timely manner in accordance with the principles of natural justice

• The provision of suitable workplace facilities for all DiTs

• Accommodation and financial subsidies for DiTs who are required to relocate as part of their employment

• Full reimbursement of travel costs for DiTs required to move to other work locations as part of their employment

• The full accreditation of medical officer positions in the NSW public health system occupied by DiTs who are not in a College accredited training program

4. Ensure DiTs receive proper professional development by campaigning for:

• Enforceable Professional Development provisions which reflect the current training environment

• A guarantee that all training, including mandatory training, will be on paid work time.

5. Ensure support for working parents by campaigning for:

• Improvements to parental leave that allow working parents to have the time and opportunity to form and maintain relationships with their children which foster the child’s development

• Employer support for child care

• A guarantee that pregnancy or the taking of parental leave is never a factor when assessing an employee for suitability to a position

• A guarantee that any employee whose contract terminates while on parental leave will be entitled to such contract extension as would be necessary to take them to the end of parental leave.

6. Ensure employment security by campaigning for Permanency of employment.