Doctors must ‘stand our ground’ on offices


Cancer Services doctors at Liverpool Hospital are taking a stand against shared offices which will adversely impact on patient care.

As part of the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct (LHAP) Redevelopment, management has proposed a relocation of Cancer Services’ office accommodation to refurbished space in the Caroline Chisholm building.

In March we reported that ASMOF were taking SWSLHD to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) after doctors’ rights were breached. Management had failed to genuinely consult with the Cancer Services doctors on the nature of the office spaces provided as part of this move.

Despite the dispute, in determining office space, the District has:

  • failed to take into account the work performed by staff specialists;
  • focused solely on budgetary reasons in their response; and
  • failed to provide the office space needed by specialists to undertake the requirements of their positions.

Members are now in the process of preparing evidence with our legal and industrial team, with the hearing listed in November.

Is your office space under threat?

If you are encountering issues in the workplace regarding office space, we encourage you to contact us for assistance as early as possible to have the best chance of getting a positive result. Our industrial staff are preparing template documents to assist doctors in both responding to management and conducting an audit of the time you spend in your office completing tasks fundamental to your role as a specialist.

To get involved in the campaign against hot desking, participate in our Safe Workplaces and Office Accommodation Working Group. The Working Group meets virtually for an hour on the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm.

“The Working Group is doing our best to support individual sites to ensure the best outcome for staff specialists”, Chair Dr Karuna Keat said. “It is important to stand our ground on office accommodation, otherwise future staff specialists will be in open planned offices.”

If you would like to participate in our Safe Workplaces and Office Accommodation Working Group, contact us at before the next meeting tomorrow on Wednesday 4 August.