Doctors Under Continued Attack in QLD


The attack on doctor rights is now leading to international condemnation.

As members would be aware from updates on 25 October and 1 November, huge problems are occurring as a result of what would appear to be an all-out assault on the current collective arrangements in place for doctors working in the QLD Health Service by the QLD Government.

After doctors are thrown off awards, they will be offered/placed on an initial one year contract, which will include a one month termination/notice clause for the first year, then becoming it would seem three months thereafter.  The problem is, there is no reason required to be provided for any decision to terminate and no recourse to QLD industrial tribunals to contest such a decision.  The notice period may be paid out at the discretion of the employer using the base salary rate only.

The Queensland Branch of ASMOF, as well as Federal ASMOF and a whole plethora of doctor organisations including the AMA have deplored the proposal and attacked the QLD Government for its continued pursuit of these changes.

This draconian approach to doctors became this week subject to international condemnation over the ditch by the union representing senior doctors in NZ, when it publicly stated that “new zealand senior doctors warned to steer clear of queensland".

The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists has advised its members that “The Queensland government has proposed a draconian employment law largely targeted at public hospital doctors which will severely weaken their right to negotiate collectively and provide them with fewer rights and protection.  These rights and protections will be significantly weaker compared with the other Australian states and New Zealand. This reactionary law would, if enacted, increase the power of the government and health bureaucrats over hospital doctors.  It is driven by ideological zeal.”

To check out the entire release, click on the link below.

2013.11.13 - Media Statement by ASMS NZ 2013.11.13 - Media Statement by ASMS NZ (189 KB)